Our Story

The Inception

When our co-founder, Hrutul, made a first ever customized gift for our founder, Devanshi, and named it “This Is My Story”, he never knew it would turn into the story of their life.

Two years back, Devanshi was travelling to Mumbai to meet Hrutul and he was more scared than excited, for he had planned no gift for her birthday, besides his house had nothing but glass vases. He planned to make something overnight, but before that, he packed all the glass vases in a cupboard (for survival reasons of course). Then he started procrastinating (conveniently accompanied by overthinking) about a last minute DIY gift. Gathering some inspiration from here and there, he started designing a poster with her pictures and suddenly something struck his mind. Jumping into his imaginative shoes, he started typing a fictional note where Devanshi was a Bollywood star. 8 hours later, in the morning, there were 21 paragraphs depicting her fake film career, scandals and achievements with 2-4 pictures (some googled, some photoshopped) related to each paragraph, all put in a randomly sequenced PDF with a reference of a magazine in mind, and with a random title ‘this is my story’. With a printed copy at home, he went to the airport, picked Devanshi and waited for the clock to strike 12. “Trust me, it was the most random gift I’d ever made”, says Hrutul.

Later, Devanshi, obviously after a series of joyous tears and tight hugs, saw a potential in this gift. Rolling up her sleeves, there she was with a business model and a very simple, direct and literal name - TIMS (Abbreviation for This Is My Story).

In the end, a fluke gift, a clueless boyfriend and a typical capitalist entrepreneur girlfriend turned into a beautiful story, indeed. This magazine is also available in the category ‘Conceptual magazines’.



Hrutul Patel