Why is choosing the right anniversary gift important?

Do you feel a sense of nostalgia or love when you look at that vase or photo frame in your drawing room? Do you remember the exact memory attached to every picture in your photo albums?
The chances are really less.

Let’s face it, regardless of how expensive presents you choose for your friends, family members or your better-half, those materialistic gifts will someday end up being a side-kick in a corner of your room, or maybe they’ll just occupy the empty spaces of your cluttered cupboard.

We believe that gifting is all about expressing your love and respect for someone and making them feel a little more special in a touching and cherishable way. It is, therefore, very important to select a souvenir that remains close to their heart as they travel ahead in time. It need not be expensive but something meaningful, relevant and significant for the person and adds to the depth of your relationship. Anniversary is, after all, one of the essential occasions of life.

Imagine a shelf in your living room or bedroom that stores all the magazines telling different stories of your lifetime – some funny, some emotional – stirring old memories and bringing them back to life. We feel an ideal gift is something that never gets old with time and ‘This Is My Story’ serves you with that exact eternal newness.


Unique wedding anniversary gifts ideas:


Imagine having a gift that is related solely to the couple – their relationship and the bond, the memories they have made together, their likes and dislikes and maybe wishes filled with love and blessings.

This Is My Story Anniversary gift Magazine is a compilation of all these memories, the nostalgia that lingers in small and big stories with the essence of love intact.

Whether it’s your husband, wife, any family member or the closest friend, ‘This is My Story’ Anniversary Magazine is the perfect gift for any duo of lovebirds for their big day.

1. A musical rhythm of nostalgia in the anniversary magazine

The prerequisites for a special wedding anniversary magazine for a music lover duo are a list of their favourite songs and their innumerable nostalgia-kicking stories. Imagine the expressions on their faces as they flip through the pages of their past with a musical touch and smile their widest smile.

We got a chance to customize the ‘Musical Story of 25 years in 12 Pages’ where we conceptualized the sweethearts’ silver jubilee journey by fusing songs.

We can gladly customize yet another magazine with plethora of music references from your favourite artists or maybe funny pop culture references from your favourite movies. The choice is totally yours!



2. Store the stories of vacations

How about going back to the places you’ve visited with your better half or taking your favourite couple to all of their favourite places through a travel souvenir? You can have an Anniversary Magazine filled with all the travel memories of the snow capped mountains and the pleasantly warm beaches, the rivers and the oceans. Here are a few titles for your reference, you can definitely imagine more until we curate one for .

‘The Gupta Family’s Travelogue’
‘4 Seasons in 1 Month’
‘A couple that hikes together stays together’



3. An anniversary magazine by years/months

Imagine eternalising all the monthly or yearly memories, rituals and snippets on every page of the anniversary magazine and travelling back in time with a constant expression of ‘grin’ on recipient’s face. Going through the incrementing graph in love and life over all the years and marvelling at the point where they have reached together is beyond euphoric.

‘A rollercoaster ride of 24 months’
‘Let’s walk 22 ye-ards of memory lane’


4. All the first times

The glimpses of the first time that the lovers met, the story of when they first said ‘I love you’ and when they held each other’s hands. The anecdotes of their first fight and their first sorry and the first outing together. From having the first home to having the first child together. Imagine having a magazine dedicated to all the first times

‘The Odyssey of all the Firsts’
‘Love at first fight’
‘Ever since I set my eyes on you’

Start imagining the title of your magazine already and don’t forget to jot down all the firsts you’ve experienced!

5. The numerical anniversary magazine

We’re sure you have plenty of reasons why you love your life partner. How about you list down the reasons why you love your better half utterly and give them all the reasons collected together in a personalized wedding anniversary magazine?

A magazine featuring
‘60 years of togetherness’
‘12 reasons of love in 12 pages’
‘From 8 to eternity’

If all of these ideas fascinate you at the same time, you can always have a combo of 3-5 magazines or even more created to gift your favourite person. The wonders that a series of magazines featuring your ‘Travel memories’, ‘Honeymoon memories’, ‘Wedding memories’, ‘Pregnancy memories’ will create will never seem to cease, we bet.

The best part is this is just a drop of the ocean that is full of concepts for your own quirky version of the most adorable and memorable customized magazine. Together we can brainstorm numerous more ways to customize the most unique anniversary magazine that remains with your loved ones for years and years to come, ringing a bell of reminiscence every time they open the closet.

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