The best thing about travelling is you leave a piece of your soul at every place you ever visit and you add a tinge of that place to the remaining part of your soul. Long after you come back from that part of the world, your heart still belongs there. That’s probably why you always tend to have urges to go back and explore those nooks and corners again.

Here are a few ideas for you to chronicle the countries and corners in a little customized magazine for your own:

A Travel Magazine for every year

This is for that travel bug in you who often scrolls through the old pictures in your phone’s gallery and gets sad because they can’t turn back time and relive those days again. 

You can now customize a magazine covering all the exotic places in different magazines made every year. Every page can mention the beautiful places you visited, the unforgettable memories you created. The surreal travel photos you captured amidst the beauty of the world. 

Just pick a random magazine, on a random day, and travel down memory lane when you were roaming around the streets and lanes of the world. That’s some nostalgia worth diving in, isn’t it?


a page of a customised magazine

A Magazine for every place you travel to

To travel is to live and living is all about travelling, they say. What if you get a chance to relive those days once more and then, many times more, over and over again to your heart’s desire? 

Let’s bring all those travel photographs back to life and wake all those moments again. You can dedicate a magazine to one place you visited describing every little memory in detail, elaborating every place and the architecture until you can’t anymore. 

China’s unmatched crockery, Jaipur’s historical landscape, Santorini’s surreal sunset. Your magazine can describe every place and every moment in detail. Every time you have the longing to go back, all you have to do is flip through the pages of your customized magazine and tada!


travel destination

A Travel Magazine listing the best places to visit

There are always going to be a few places that take your heart away and will be forever tucked safely in the magnificent crevices of their buildings and at the deadly turns of the roads. 

A Travel Magazine mentioning the best places to visit can be an offline travel blog of your magazine albeit in your own customized magazine, of course. Narrate every little story of every weird place you visited and how you ended up there. You can just have a compilation of all the less discovered gems in the different corners of the world that google maps fail to locate. 

Who knows 10 years from now, your baby may visit all these places with this travel magazine as his personal marauder’s map. Why should Harry have all the fun?


A Magazine for your Travel Fiascos

Do you know what goes hand in hand with travelling and checking places off your bucket list? It’s the fiascos and mishaps that unfold at every junction of your journey. It’s these ridiculous, irritating and funny stories that, in the end, become an integral part of your wanderlust. 

So why not make a magazine describing these crazy travel mishaps? A night where you got drunk and spent the rest of it in a blur or maybe a day where you lost your travel partner somewhere. Imagine reading about the day when you were fined by the police authorities for driving on the wrong side!

While these memories may have been frustrating when they happened, we are sure, every time you read about them, they’ll never fail to conjure a wide smile up your face. That’s the beauty of travelling after all. 



Let’s make sure that whenever you feel the FOMO for not living like Bunny from ‘Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani’, there’s a shelf full of various travel magazines in your room, spanning years, places and memories, motivating you to plan your next trip immediately! 


customised magazine cover

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