Rohit Sarraf should aptly be declared the National Crush, for a little curve of his tipsy smile is enough to intoxicate girls across the nation. Not only did his dazzling smile made the year 2020 bearable, but his back-to-back screen appearances made it all worth it.

As a poser, dancer, and a theatre artist, Rohit Sarraf has stirred his creative juices and ditched the cliche road to show the world that talent makes its own destination. It almost hits like a thunderbolt that the cute heartthrob started his journey at a very tender age of 15, but it’s Rohit Sarraf after all, making the impossible, possible!


How did a fan eternalise Rohit Sarraf’s journey?

Rohit Sarraf, the face of the cover

We received an inquiry by one of Rohit’s biggest fan’s who was no less than a lovestruck emoji to eternalize the ups and downs of Rohit’s rollercoaster life and guess what? We were lovestruck too!

Zooming into Rohit on a zoom meeting, Mahek wanted to have a fan-made magazine dedicated to the most charming boy and while our concept- strategist rolled questions at her like a ‘Ludo’ dice, she described her feelings and thoughts like ‘Mismatched’ stars she couldn’t fathom into constellations.

She told us all about him like Rohit’s personal encyclopedia, right from his first casting call to the movie that got shelved to sharing screen with the biggest actors to now when he is on every girl’s crush list.

Telling Rohit’s stories with a creative tinge

We, at This Is My Story, aim at telling your story in a way that keeps you hooked to your magazine for years to come. You read your story once and we bet, you’ll keep reading it over and over again because we believe we are curating your life in a few pages and it must feel like a refreshing cup of chai every time you come back to it. Here’s how we crafted Rohit’s story in the quirky flavour:


  1. Mahek listed down all the brands that her crush, Rohit Sarraf, has endorsed or worked for and shared with us. Little did she know she was in for a surprise.“Ever since we matched on Tinder, it is my Dark Fantasy to Keep It Fresh with you Rohit. But before we meet at KFC for our first date, don’t forget to wear Engage. Eagerly looking forward to our vacation. Can’t wait to sip on Sprite while we tour Disneyland! Xoxo”
  2. That wasn’t all. All the movies and shows that the cutest actor has worked in were jotted down in the magazine and we highlighted what had taken Mahek’s heart away:

The sky is pink (Ishaan Choudary ) – 2019

Ishaan Choudhary stole Mahek’s heart. Ishaan was the pillar of the family, a strong person who loved his family so much. Mahek has learned the art of balancing family and life, never giving up the ones that mean the world to her. 

Ludo (Rahul Awasthi )- 2020

His innocence, silence, and kindness took Mahek’s breath away. Rahul Awasthi taught her that love knows no barriers and boundaries. From barely being able to make his ends meet to making crores of money in a blink of an eye, Rahul didn’t utter a word and his humbleness speaks volumes about his character. 

3. How can a fan-made magazine go without a message from the fan herself? So here it was, a message that had the butterflies fluttering through every word.

Dear ‘my whole freaking heart’,

Everything I write in this letter comes straight from my heart. I have been a proud Rohit Saraf fanatic for the past 4 years but nothing fills my heart with joy more than seeing the world acknowledging your efforts, hard work, and dedication today more than ever.


Rohit Sarraf’s 8 Pager Magazine

“Just like anyone else, he too, felt alone and confused in the new city, people taunted him for his acting skills, his show had shut down in the middle, and he had to return to Delhi but what was constant was the hope that Rohit kept alive. Hope for a victorious tomorrow.”

Conceptualising Rohit Sarraf’s magazine right from curating the content to creating it and designing the magazine by embellishing it with his endearing pictures, team ‘This Is My Story’ cherished every bit of it. 

Well, if you’re also crushing hard over someone like Mahek, you can also gift them a magazine


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