There’s so much you see every day and so much of you’ve already started forgetting. Amongst all these memories you have created and many others you’ll create, some moments will fade away with time and the others will lose their charm. But before that happens, how about we document these memories in your own “This Is My Story” personalised magazine and give you access to the doorway that connects the past and the future?

That’s just one of the many reasons why you should have a personalised magazine. Read on and find out which one is yours:

Personalised magazine

Celebrating Nostalgia Every day

The things that happen to you, the experiences you take on in your life, the tales you hear and the stories you create and the anecdotes you cherish, will always belong to you and that alone is the perfect reason for you to document these memories in your personalised magazine. 

You can immerse yourself in waves of nostalgia every day just by flipping through the pages is yet another. 

Well, yes. We understand that it’s easy to say but hard to practice and that’s why we are here to your rescue. Now all you need to do is tell us your story and we’ll customise it into your “This Is My Story” Magazine.


image celebrating memories of the past

A memoir to look back and cherish in the future

Have you ever considered passing on the stories you experienced to your kids and grandkids?

Imagine having a memoir filled with the tales of your lifetime, maybe your love story or maybe your success story or just the simple, beautiful joys of life. You can’t miss out on the joy of your grandkid proudly telling your escapades to their friends. 

Having a personalised magazine and documenting the tales of your life is the creation of a written legacy. Because the time will fly away, the memories may seem to blur out but these stories stored in the pages of your memoir will stay with you and your loved ones forever. 


a love story stored in a personalised magazine

A coffee table read/souvenir

Rather than having a lifeless vase on your coffee table, add to the glory of your house and the living room with a customized coffee table magazine that talks about you and your endeavours, or maybe about your family. 

We believe everyone has a story that needs to be told. No matter how humdrum you can feel your life is, your story has the power to move others, to influence them and to make a difference.

So how about keeping a coffee table read ready for the guests that visit or just for you to read time and again, sitting in the living room, pondering over life?


past adventures stored in a magazine

Feel like a celebrity 

Who says only film stars and business tycoons can be featured in a magazine? You too deserve a memorable and exciting keepsake of your life’s greatest moments.

With your personalised magazine that not only features you as the face of the cover but also talks about all that you’ve undertaken, you can surely embrace the celebrity in you. 


feel like a celebrity with your own face as the cover of a magazine

Freeze every special moment in this time capsule

You can reminisce about the special moments of your life long after an event has occurred and long after that phase has gone by. 

Revisit your little one’s childhood with this time capsule full of great memories just by flipping through the pages of this magazine. Just open your personalised magazine and travel to whichever day you want within the blink of an eye. 


a time capsule of memories

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