Mark the date – Mother’s day, this year, falls on May 9, Sunday, which means you are only left with two weeks to think about and secure the best customised gift for her. After having gone through a dreadful year, this Mother’s day is the perfect occasion to shower your one-woman-army with infinite love and affection just the way she does for you. 

Wondering what to give her as the best mother’s day present? We got you! We’ve rounded up a list of the best personalised mother’s day gift ideas to surprise her with the most thoughtful presents ever. 


image to celebrate mothers day

A ‘Thank You’ Magazine

Do you ever feel a strong urge to thank your mother for going out of her way to bring you up and make you what you are today? We think all of us go through this dilemma not once but a thousand times a day.

Not any more though, because we can customize a magazine that does it for you.

Imagine a magazine that talks about all the reasons that you’re grateful to her for. Right from the day you were born until now, she’s given her world to you, she’s taught you how to walk, you learned how to talk. She fed you, bathed you, clothed you. She took care of you when you were sick and stayed up all night with you during your exams – all without asking for anything in return. 

Let’s make a magazine stating all these reasons and thank her in even the littlest way possible. What better occasion than mother’s day?


magazine image to show customised gift

A ‘Best Mother’ Magazine

With whatever she had, your mother always managed to put clean clothes on you. On some days, she might have starved herself but she still cooked up a feast for you. She bought you that toy even if it meant squeezing her budget. When you had no inspiration, she lifted you up and walked extra miles for you not once or twice but uncountable times. 

She became your teacher, your nurse, your cook, your counsellor and your best friend. She shouted at you, kissed you, nurtured you and gave you all you ever needed. 

So, let’s create a customised gift as a magazine that states all the reasons why your mother is the best one in the universe and why deserves nothing less than the whole world!


customised gift for your mother

A ‘Mother’s Nostalgia’ Magazine

You must have heard many stories of your mother’s childhood from your Nani, we are sure. Summer vacations at her Nani’s place, the ever-so-mounting stress of exams. The endless fights with her siblings, gossip time with her best friends and the dreadful PT classes.

What if we make a magazine that takes her back to those days of her childhood and adolescence when she was just like you? 

She’d love to travel back in time and revel in sweet nostalgia. So, what are you waiting for? 


customised magazine gift

A Concept Magazine

Out of all the memories she’s created over the years, there must be a few that top the list of her favourites. Out of all the things she does, there must be some chores that she loves doing the most.

This mother’s day, let’s customize a magazine that revolves around her 10 best travel destinations, or 15 best dishes she cooks, or 12 ways she made your childhood bright and cheerful. 

We are just a text away, ready with infinite concepts in our heads and you’re just a text away to make the most wonderful customised gift for your wonder woman. 


conceptual magazine for mothers day

A Fantasy Magazine 

How about a fictionalized magazine that creates a parallel universe with all the things your mother loves?

Maybe she’s the lead of a saas-bahu soap opera or maybe she’s the CEO of a company or the queen fairy of the fairyland. How about a magazine that talks about the possibilities of her ageing in reverse?

 We have millions of ideas stacked up for your mother’s fantasy world and only waiting for one call from you. 


fantasy magazine image




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