Customers nowadays aren’t interested in reading those boring informational pamphlets and newsletters and your money invested in making them often finds its way to the bins. In this fast-paced world where the attention span is decreasing and the marketing cost to make your brand’s presence felt is increasing, we, at TIMS Magazines, offer you the best and the most pocket-friendly way to market your brand and create a long-lasting position in your customer’s mind, houses and offices.


The problem with those brochures, catalogues and pamphlets is that they sound too preachy and fail to stir an appeal in the consumers’ mind. So how about you and us become partners and we create that stir by telling them their story? After all a brand is all about stories, thousands of them, and not just big and tacky logos!

How to use TIMS customized brand/corporate magazines ?

  • A customized brand magazine can be used as a corporate coffee-table book, your product/service catalogue, brand portfolio or even a communication tool showcasing your work, products, services and the brand’s USPs. Check out some samples here
  • We are sure every brand’s success has a long story of challenges and hard work behind it. Your brand/corporate magazine can be a compilation of your success story, milestones and all the hardships that came in the way that shaped your brand to be what it is today. Check out some samples here
  • A customized corporate magazine can be used to document the journey of all the projects/events conducted and completed by the brand. Check out some samples here
  • Using this magazine as a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly editions to circulate within your organization or can also be used as a periodical newsletter for your customers. It can turn out to be a great way of keeping in touch, we must say.
  • A brand magazine can also be a great tool of marketing especially if you’re in the service sector. Gifting this magazine to your customers as a souvenir, talking about their personal memories related to the experiences/products provided by your brand, will work wonders as a marketing tool. Check out some samples here
  • Yet another way of using this customized corporate magazine is gifting it to your employees/team on special occasions. Check out some samples here


Who can be our partner?

Anybody and everybody! Yes, that’s right! Any brand from all kinds of field of work can be our partner. Whether you’re a photographer, event planner, jewellery store, interior designer, architect, fashion designer, travel planner, a host or emcee, a choreographer or anyone else, this magazine is the perfect marketing tool for you which doesn’t even look like a marketing gimmick. The best part about a customized brand/corporate magazine is that it looks fascinating and never fails to catch the attention that’s required for a brand’s strong recall-value, hence unlike other dull pamphlets and catalogues, this will not end up in a dustbin! Have a look at the brand magazines that we created, with and without our logo. Can’t take your eyes off? Your customers won’t be able to do that either.


TOP 5 Frequently used ideas by brands to increase their business references and leads using TIMS customized magazines :

  • Wedding/Pre-wedding magazines gifted by wedding photographers/planners to their client as a complimentary gift with their branding and multiple copies. Clients would share the extra copies of light-weighted customized magazines with their friends and family. This will act as a reminder of photographer/planner’s quality of work and will help to improve their reference based marketing.
  • As a wedding planner, imagine getting a customized magazine made for your client’s wedding invitation or using it as a decor element in their wedding festivities. While everyone would read their story, the magazine would silently leave your brand’s imprint on the viewers/guests mind. (Note for the website designer: redirect to types of magazines page)
  • Travel brands gifting TIMS customized magazines to their clients as a part of their package or a complimentary product. Since the magazine will talk about the client’s travel memories, they will preserve it as a special decor element in their living room and hence, the travel brand’s logo will be promoted amongst the client’s friends & family. Check out some samples here
  • Architects/Interior designers can use it as a project souvenir in their offices and also to gift it to their clients after completion of projects. Imagine walking into an Architect’s office and seeing a shelf full of 15-20 magazines about their different projects, wouldn’t that be a great first impression?
  • Baby/maternity photographers prefer to gift monthly/quarterly/yearly membership offers of customized baby magazines alongwith photography services to make sure that the client returns for a shoot on a recurring basis.


Branding Benefits for Partners –


It’s scientifically proven that when the human mind is exposed to an object or idea repeatedly, it tends to create a preference for them merely because they are familiar with them. That’s the idea behind placing your brand name and logo in the magazine. Hence post you become our partner, you avail these exclusive benefits.


  1. TIMS replaced by THIS IS MY STORY (highlighted) as a concept title.
  2. Branding of TIMS removed on the backpage along with contact details of TIMS.
  3. Partner’s LOGO/NAME HIGHLIGHTED  on the cover & back page.
  4. A full Branding page of partners can be added inside the magazine as a first or the last page.
  5. TIMS edition/issue replaced with ‘PARTNER’s NAME’ EDITION as a subtle branding recall in inner pages in headers and footers.
  6. PARTNER’s LOGOS can also be added in the inner pages/cover page or back page.

Note : 30% premium is charged to avail 6 benefits for the partnering brands, as mentioned above. It is non-negotiable. 30% premium won’t be charged if you buy a package of 3 magazines.

*3 magazines


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