Do you find yourself smiling in the middle of nowhere thinking about the chirpy, bubbly memories of your little one? Do you also just keep visiting their childhood pictures and grin from ear to ear wondering how quickly they’ve outgrown your lap? Ever felt the urge to freeze every moment in time, your baby’s milestones, their firsts, their traits or their habits? Well then, we have the ultimate solution for you! A 100% customised magazine storing all the precious memories and photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime.  

5 Unique Concepts for a Baby Magazine


12 traits of your child to guess their future career


A magazine page dedicated to a child traits and their future career We recently customised a magazine for one of our valuable clients where we connected each of the little one’s traits to their prospective career choices.  Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? How about we discuss all of their cute, quirky and funny traits right from the baby’s adorable rituals of feeding pigeons every day to picking perfect accessories for her dresses from momma’s wardrobe to posing like a little diva. We can then match these traits and make them a window to their career prospects? Every page of this magazine can be dedicated to one trait and can be designed using pictures that show the baby in his/her element.  Imagine yourself flipping through the pages a few years from now, when they would grow up and pursue one of these passions?

The journey of the first 12 months in 12 Pages 


magazine image of a baby

There’s something about the memories you create with your little bundle of joy. Reminiscing about the time when the baby was so little that his face would easily fit in your palm. When they had magical toothless smiles and entered the house and engulfed with a fresh wave of joy.  How about we create a magazine storing all of these precious moments in them topped with the nostalgic pictures related to each memory? Each month can take up a page of the magazine and talk about the beautiful, nostalgia-evoking memories designed with the related photos. Alternatively, every page can talk about one most special memory from every month and could be embellished with related pictures.

7 colours that define your baby’s persona 


Colours that define the persona

Every child is born with some innate qualities that make them different from other babies. They all possess many traits that, somewhere or the other, relate to different colours of the world. So how about we metaphorise these colours with their persona?  Each of their personality traits can be described in relation to these colours. Each page designed with that colour as its central theme.

32 firsts of your baby to cherish forever in your Customised Magazine 


magazine Image showing milestones customised

It’s so special running your fingers down the memory lane of your baby’s firsts, don’t you think? The first time they crawled, the first time they celebrated Diwali, the first time they said your name, their first walk. These remembrances will always be etched deeply in your heart so what if we etch them eternally in a magazine? Every page can beautifully capture the milestones of the baby’s life along with its back story. The design of the magazine can be conceptualised in an aesthetic manner with pictures from different phases of your toddler years. 

What if your baby became a superhero? 


Customised Magazine Image of baby

Do you also fantasize about your baby being a little superhero? We think all the mothers take a ride in their fantasy world with their little ones as a hero.  Imagine a magazine where we write tales of your baby’s heroic deeds. Then create a whole new universe inside the pages of your customized magazine. Imagine flipping through the pages of a world where every image of your little one tells a unique story of their boldness. 

Decor Ideas for your perfect home 

This Is My Story, besides being the perfect gift idea, also serves as an aesthetic decor element to keep on the shelf of your living room. Imagine having a shelf dedicated solely to the lovely memories of your baby’s growing years. We can’t think of any more meaningful souvenir to add to the beauty of your house.  Here is a mock-up for decor inspiration that we’ve customised for you.

Mock-up of a magazine as a decorative element


These are just 5 concepts that we have brainstormed. We have customised hundreds of magazines, each along the lines of a unique customised concept.  There are infinite possibilities and endless ideas, let’s customise a magazine for you.

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